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What we do


The Canadian Alternative Mortgage Lenders Association's (CAMLA) mission is to provide our members a coordinated National Voice which can ensure as an industry we are able to operate in a harmonious way with the real estate industry, regulators, stakeholders and partners.

CAMLA provides an avenue for alternative mortgage lenders to exchange ideas and explore ways of improving the sector; encourage principled and professional practices by Alternative Mortgage Lenders; educate the public at large about Alternative Lending; encourage individual potential borrowers to be informed about the appropriateness of Alternative Mortgage Lending to the borrowers’ circumstance; and to advocate on behalf of, and represent the interests of Alternative Mortgage Lenders.

Voice of the industry

Serving best interest of Canadians

One of the pillars of CAMLA membership is the sharing of information to allow for a healthy and competitive industry which will serve the best interest of Canadians, their ability to access capital and trust in the professional standards of the industry. CAMLA, on behalf of its membership will:

Voice of Industry CAMLA
1 .

Address media inquiries, relevant news items which require an industry perspective.

2 .

Educate regulators, politicians, media and industry partners of the advantages of alternative lending industry.

3 .

Develop positions papers on industry issues with feedback from membership to ensure member concerns are addressed.

4 .

Coordinate with provincial and federal industry associations to promote the health of our industry.

Founding members

CAMLA represents all aspects of Canada’s alternative mortgage lending ecosystem including: policy, advocacy, standards, and compliance. Our role is to support the highest level of ethics in mortgage lending in Canada, servicing a wide spectrum of lender’s key issues and requirements.

Why join CAMLA?

Composed of Alternative Mortgage Lenders or their Management Company

CAMLA has worked diligently to provide members with valuable products and services to help them stay current and remain competitive. From advocating on members’ behalf with all levels of government to providing leading-edge education offerings and networking opportunities, it is our goal to support our members’ success and to ensure the voice of the lender channel is heard by all stakeholders across the country.

Benefits of membership.

  • Government relations support from industry’s most reputable brand
  • Ability to promote membership accreditation
  • Running for board and committee leadership roles
  • Speaking at CAMLA events, workshops, and summits
  • Partner on data collection initiatives (surveys)
  • Co-brand and distributing thought leadership (industry reports & white papers)
  • Hosting CAMLA workshops & events
  • Hosting / participating in CAMLA online panels
  • Access to regional chapters – focus on provincial matters

Annual membership fee.

CA$ 2500