Code of Conduct

This document is the standard Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Canadian Alternative Mortgage Lenders Association (CAMLA). All members of CAMLA are required to abide by the Code on an annual basis. Any member found in violation of the code will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of CAMLA and face removal of their membership.

  1. Responsibility of Senior Management
    1. Establish, maintain and monitor Policies and internal controls for assessing compliance by the Firm and its Representatives with the Code, the Policies and with applicable securities legislation;
    2. To ensure that both their Firm and their Representatives meet or exceed all requirements imposed on them by their own Policies, the Code, law and relevant federal and provincial regulation;
    3. Ensure that appropriate employees, contractors or related parties are adequately trained and supervised to meet the current Industry standards and practices;
    4. Immediately address and rectify any circumstances indicating that the Firm, or any of its Representatives may be in non-compliance with the Code, the Policies and/or with applicable securities legislation;
    5. Report violation of laws, regulations, or this Code to the appropriate authority;
    6. Do not retaliate against those who make or intend to make such reports;
    7. Ensure the Firm is, and remains, financially viable;
    8. Representatives of the Firm are, and remain, financially viable;
    9. Comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements;
  2. Standard of Conduct. Each firm and each representative of the firm shall
    1. Act with integrity and respect, to the public, industry members and employees;
    2. Conduct activities in an honest, clear, and transparent manner;
    3. Act in a responsible manner and take accountability for actions;
    4. Exercise due diligence and sound judgement when conducting business;
    5. Disclose material information to applicable parties in a transaction;
    6. Have documented strategies for managing material conflicts of interest;
    7. Recognize an inclusive and diverse work environment and respect the unique characteristics, skills and experiences of all employees and clients;
    8. Exercise patience and understanding with existing and new members when learning all aspects of this code and the knowledge gained through membership activities;
    9. Decline to act when they are unable to provide the necessary products and/or services available to the Firm or in accordance with this Code;
  3. Privacy and communication
    1. Do not mislead, hide, or obscure material information;
    2. Disclosures must be made in an honest and timely manner;
    3. Do not issue a public communication or advertisement which contains any untrue statement or omission of a material fact or is otherwise false or misleading, including the use of a visual image such as a photograph, sketch, drawing, logo or graph which conveys a misleading impression;
    4. Take reasonable steps to protect clients’ information;
    5. Do not engage in any act or omission that would bring disrepute to or undermine the public’s confidence in the industry;
    6. Use client information only for the intended purposes consented to by the client;
    7. Do not participate, encourage or ignore any misrepresentation by their clients, employees or 3rd parties;
    8. Identify and disclose actual or potential / perceived conflicts of interest to applicable parties in a transaction;
    9. Do not make unrepresentative statistics to suggest unwarranted or exaggerated conclusions, or fails to identify the material assumptions made in arriving at these conclusions;