Voice of the industry

One of the pillars of CAMLA membership is the sharing of information to allow for a healthy and competitive industry which will serve the best interest of Canadians, their ability to access capital and trust in the professional standards of the industry. CAMLA, on behalf of its membership will:

  • Address media inquiries, relevant news items which require an industry perspective
  • Educate regulators, politicians, media and industry partners of the advantages of alternative lending industry
  • Develop positions papers on industry issues
  • Coordinate with provincial and federal industry associations to promote the health of our industry

Lender values


Membership will be willing and able to work in collaboration with other members, regulators, and partners to ensure the purpose and mission of the association can be met.


Transparency will be key for CAMLA to deliver its purpose. Members should be willing to share data, best practices in an open, trustworthy setting.


Members are required to participate and promote the mission of the association offering value through opportunities and events that can’t be found otherwise.

Integrity & Respect

At all times, membership will be in good standing with provincial or national regulators. Members we treat each other with respect and integrity and to the highest possible standard.